Our eCommerce consulting services provide our customers significant values, with tailored solutions for every client that are affordable, cost effective and deliver outstanding results.


Fraud(AML/CTF, Investigation)
We deliver professional training, strategic advice and technical assistance in the areas of AML & CFT, financial investigations, risk modeling, policy development, implementation of ongoing compliance programs and processes.
Compliance/<br>Corporate Governance
Solutions through which Directors and Boards are able to supervise, monitor and direct the conduct and operations of your company and its management in a manner that ensures appropriate levels of accountability and controls.
Our carefully designed strategic internal audit frameworks will not only ensure that you comply with the applicable laws and regulations, but will also support the success of your business by advising on the most efficient financial processes.
Risk - (Credit, Regulatory, Liquidity, Market)
Everyone in your organization should be focuses on optimizing and managing risk. By embedding our services within the culture of your organization your team can make the right decisions at the right time when dealing with your unique risk challenges
Data Analytics
Can your organization identify changing customer expectations and predict new business trends? We help organizations transform themselves into enterprises that are truly driven by data by establishing data governance programs.
Accountancy and Finance
We offer high level expertise in all aspects of financial consulting services for your business including Business Development Strategies, Financial Statement Creation, Financial Forecasting, Record Maintenance and more.


Loki Services is a fast growing eCommerce consultancy, with a number of professionals each with more than 10 years of online experience.